Thursday, March 29, 2007

March 29, '07

Well, how did you like the date on my last post???
The 38th of what???

But now we have dinner at the coach...Our guests were...Gene & Shirley,Dave and Dianne, Chris and Cathy and Richard...there should have been 10 of us but it turned out to be 9, as Shirley of Richard & Shirley was "under-the-weather"...So in this first picture you see Richard on the left, then the back of Chris with Cathy his "better-half" on his right then there is "Scubadave" in the blue jacket on the right...You will notice that they are all bundeled was cold, cold, cold, cold...and very windy... Here you saee Gene and I "conflabing "over the "Pork Tenderloin...Boy did it turn out good...We had Pork Tendeloin, Enhanced Potatoes, Cole Slaw, Rolls and Pretzel/Strawberry Dessert...of course that was after a few pitchers of Margaritas!!!

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