Thursday, March 22, 2007

Now these two little guys are our "super/egos"...they stand in our windsheld (a boy and girl Flamingo) they are dressed in hula skirts and shades and are just lookin for fun...they shake their booties all the way down the road...they have joined the "red bear" and the "over-the-hill" pony and the" talking cow"...between them they keep our perspective in tact...and that is:

What's "out there" is there for us to be having fun with...and that we do!!!
Well, we were on the road on the 16th of March...and when we got down to the HWY South...and this is what we ran guessed it...FOG...

Here you see us as we go down the road...we had no idea that we would run into fog...and the traffic was pretty testy too...lots of trucks and they're challenging when you're climbing the mountains...We did fine, but it's a little un-nearving for the passenger!!! "ME"

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