Saturday, July 7, 2007

Working on the House

There was originally these beautiful Cedar Shakes on Tom and Suzanne's house...then someone along the line put Blue Vinyl Siding on it...and covered up an awful lot of the history and character of their little house...Here you see Tom putting a coat of paint on the little alcove wall...they are just trying out this color..It really did look good as it is called Maryville is an authentically historical color that was used in this area in the years that this house was built...
Mike was the "clean-up" guy...he went around pulling all the nails he could reach ands picked up all the debris as Tom threw it all on the ground...If you look to the Left of mike at the back of the house there is a pile of light blue "stuff"...well that is the siding that they took off is all piled up in the driveway...that driveway goes down at a good slant behind the house...that pile would be up to Mike's shoulders if he were standing on the ground next to it...

You can see the difference here ... the alcove is really lookin' good...what do you think???
It's a long way from the pitch of that roof to the ground...watching Tom tear the siding off was kinda scary... SO...we went to Tokyo Tereyki....for "take-out"...YUMOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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